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Plastic Puppet

Some Resemblence to fine art.

PlasticPuppet LJ
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This is a community dedicated to my photography. I've only been learning since November 2004, I still consider my self very amateur, however I feel I have learned alot in less then a years time. I like taking photos of anything landscapes, objects found, urban decay, and of course pretty girls (sorry if you thought this was just about pretty girls). This LJ community will not be work safe, so don't even complain about it, however everyone is welcome to join the community, provide comments, and critics on style.

It should be mentioned, that it is okay to critic ME and my style (or lack there of if you feel that way), but it is not okay to critique the girls, many of them are already nervous and shy as it is.

If you want to model for me you must be in the Detroit/Windsor area and be 18 years of age or older.